Is It Worth Investing in a Chromebook?



Chromebooks, though considered laptops, they are a category all their own. They do not run a traditional operating system that you would see with Windows or macOS.

Instead, Chromebooks rely solely on Google’s Chrome operating system.

Most students and teens find that these new modern laptops are sufficient for their needs. Without a hard drive or internal storage, the best Chromebooks for education rely on cloud drives and app driven technology.


Chromebooks Equal Affordable

Perhaps the number one reason Chromebooks appeal to the younger generation is due to their affordability.

Unlike Windows run laptops, you can get a decent computer for under $200. Though the RAM is rather limited, it still allows a student to successfully complete homework assignments and search the web.

There are rare models to consider as well. A Chromebook with a better construction can run nearly $600 and is akin to purchasing a Windows based laptop.


Would a Chromebook Work For You?

Chromebooks heavily rely on a steady Internet connection. As this laptop requires the use of apps, it is heavily Google based with the need for connectivity. Logging in as a guest is a possibility, but using your Google profile provides a more seamless experience.

There is a deep integration between Chromebooks and Google based apps. It all really comes down to what you would expect to get out of your laptop. If you don’t like using Google Docs, for example, a Chromebook would certainly not do you any favors.

Only very few Chromebook models have direct access to the Google Play Store, and that means limited availability for the apps that you do use. For example, many Android games will not work on Chromebooks.

Programs that you may have gotten used to such as Adobe Photoshop or anything Microsoft based is also unavailable. This could become a major deal breaker for certain individuals requiring such programs for work. The Chrome browser does include a free version of Microsoft Office, but the features are minimal and limited.

Though there are many programs you can’t access with a Chromebook, you also have the opportunity to discover and explore new ones. For example, a program called Pixlr is free and very similar in design to Photoshop. You won’t have the ability to import your work, but you can still create new designs.


An Internet Connection is s Must!

Unlike other laptops that can function without the need for an Internet connection, Chromebooks need it.

There are only about 200 apps that function offline, but many do not. In short, you need good WiFi service and should be within range when looking to work on your laptop.


Great Battery Life

There has been a decline in battery life quality in the past few years with Chromebooks, but many still perform for at least 9 hours.

This entails remaining connected to the Internet constantly.

A Chromebook is a worthy investment for someone with limited needs.

If you’re a student or have a tight budget, a Chromebook is still a laptop that gets work done, albeit, a bit differently. At We Trust, we commend it to students and young teens who can benefit from a more simple laptop!

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