Terms Of Service

Wetrust service is subject to the following Terms of use, we may change and update our term of service time to time and therefore you are advised to check regularly.

  1. Add your website to a single and most relevant category
  2. Only add your domain URL
  3. Do not submit any internal pages or sub domains
  4. Do not submit with prices and offers and discounts
  5. Do not submit sites with illegal material including child pornography, text that invalidate any academic property right, material that specifically sponsor solicit or assist unlawful doings such as scam or cruelty.
  6. Other websites (Non-English) may be submitted under the right category.
  7. Mirror websites and Under Construction websites are not accepted.
  8. All services, products and purposes of a site must be clearly defined.
  9. Website support multiple browsers
  10. Websites with dead links, missing images, affiliate links, banners and redirect URL are not accepted.
  11. WeTrust can not be held responsible for any content of websites and pages listed on our site.
  12. We don not guarantee that every site submitted to our site will be accepted; if any offensive pages or websites listed will be removed immediately with out any warning.
  13. WeTrust reserve the right to reject any submitted site for any reason
  14. Websites can be moved to other categories at any time, we reserve the right to change your title, description and other keywords.
  15. Your submission fee will be refunded in full if your site is not accepted.
  16. WeTrust reserve the right to remove a website from its directory and search if multiple complaints are received from your customers.
  17. Your site will be added to WeTrust.org trusted list FREE for the first three months and will be on our site for 15 months instead of 12 months from the date of applying. However, you must complete the payment term before the end of the initial three month period. Moreover, during these three month period, WeTrust.org will monitor your account and in case of complaints or incomplete payments (within this period), your website will no longer be recorded in our trusted list. Should you want to make use of our services again; a new applying form will be available to you
  18. We only trust and accept 2Checkout for payment of your website listing



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