Why are Chromebooks Great for Education?



As a part of 21st century learning practices, many schools are broadening their scope of curriculum by including technology. Most classrooms are incorporating the use of the Internet to make learning easier anywhere and anytime.

Students are able to learn creativity, improve thinking skills and educators can tailor interests to the student. For this reason, the best Chromebooks for education are becoming increasingly popular in an educational setting.


Inexpensive To Incorporate

Schools find that adding Chromebooks to their educational tools is within their grasp.

Many Chromebooks are easily acquired for well under $200 apiece. This makes Chromebooks a much more affordable alternative to traditional laptops with known operating systems.

Gsuite for Education also provide an additional incentive as they are free for schools to use. Students gain easy access to their own documents that are found on the cloud.


Chrome OS Offers Optimum Security

No installations take place on the computer as Chromebooks are solely cloud-based computers. There’s zero chance of a cyber attack or a student’s information getting accessed.

No anti-virus software need to be installed in order to keep students well protected in an educational setting. In short, the chances of a student gaining access to anything inappropriate or compromising is virtually non-existent.


Easy For Everyone To Use

Chromebooks aren’t just lightweight and portable, but they take only a few seconds to boot. In fact, you can expect over 8 hours of constant battery life with each charge.

User access is easily controlled and depending on the people using it, the laptops are easily modified to fit their needs. Apps are easily blocked or installed depending on individual needs in the classroom. Additionally, schools can monitor and filter incoming emails to protect the recipients.


Chromebooks Teach Collaboration

There are very few team building activities that can bring students together.

In any classroom setting, a Chromebook has the ability to help students collaborate on assignments, ask for advice and tutor each other remotely. Work completed in school is easily accessed from the library, the classroom and even from home.


Unlimited User Access

We find, at We Trust, that the most appealing aspect of running the Chrome OS is the laptop’s ability to have an unlimited number of users. There’s no fear of students stealing each other’s login or compromising assignments in any way.

Every student must use their own profile information to access their content.

Additionally, Google places no limit on the number of students that can use their system. This makes it doubly more useful in an educational setting.

Chromebooks are fantastic tools to incorporate in an educational setting.

Students are able to discover new skills, learn different concepts and work together to achieve the desired results. There are many assignments that require the use of the Internet, but schools have to keep students safe and their privacy protected.

Chromebooks can’t get hacked or compromised by viruses or spyware, which is why educators and parents alike find them the safest option.

Plus, these computers are the most affordable options to date with all the tools any student could ever need!

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