Chromebooks in Education: Great for College Students



49%of the education market is controlled by Google. In fact, it’s only projected to rise in coming years.

College students are especially loving Google Chromebooks are they pack affordability and function into one.

Unlike expensive high-end laptop models, Chromebook is available in many models without the hefty price tag.

Whether you’re a college student yourself or shopping for one, here are just some of the ways these innovative computers are changing the college landscape:


Theft Protection for Students

College dorm housing is a great way to build relationships, but oftentimes, boundaries aren’t clear or laid out as they are with apartment rentals.

There’s an impending risk of another student stealing what belongs to you or attempting to access your personal files.

Many students live together in dorm housing and with so many expensive gadgets in abundance, theft is a real problem.

When a traditional laptop is stolen, not only is your identity and privacy compromised, years of hard work can disappear.

In fact, many students just don’t backup their data. This all changes with one of the best Chromebooks for education.

Chromebooks use the Google Drive which is completely cloud-based. Everything is saved on a regular basis by default, and that means your work is completely safe.

You get significantly more storage space when you have a cloud drive than competing local storage models.

If your laptop is stolen, your work is still under your control.


Easily Replaceable and Lightweight

College life is tough and you often subject your tech gadgets to serious abuse.

Unfortunately, constantly throwing your laptop in your bag can take a toll on the life expectancy of the computer.

What makes Chromebooks rise above other options is their affordability.

For a couple of hundred dollars, you have a solid laptop that is sure to withstand daily abuse.

If it stops functioning, you can purchase a new one without breaking the bank.

Another great feature of Chromebooks is that they’re lightweight.

College students are often on-the-go and need lightweight tools.

These innovative computers weigh very little and they are easily placed in your bag next to heavier textbooks.


No Programs To Pay For

Microsoft programs will bleed you dry (financially).

As a college student, you need to cut costs whenever and wherever you can.

You can budget your food, clothing and entertainment, but what about your computer usage?

Chromebooks come with a set amount of apps that are free to use. You won’t have to spend additional money to use these apps to help with your learning.

Additionally, you don’t need to invest in a solid state hard drive to help you load even more programs.

Chromebook does allow you access to a simpler version of Microsoft Office, which is ideal when considering operational costs.

College students pay a large tuition fee, have to budget for housing and spend time dealing with expensive textbooks. Buying a new laptop is a costly endeavor, but it doesn’t have to be!

At We Trust, we recommend the Google Chromebook as a competitively priced laptop that can do everything you want for a fraction of the price of competing brands.

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