What are the best laptops for Linux?

  Best Laptops for Linux in 2019   Today there are hundreds of different models of laptops on the market, but there are just a handful of operating systems available so when it comes to choosing the best laptops for Linux it can be difficult. Windows and...

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Online Safety Tips for Seniors

One of the most common issues that we, at We Trust, see often are those people who didn’t grow up using a computer who find it difficult to determine the necessity of online security. For some senior or computer novices the thought of navigating the huge amounts...

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My Top #5 Chromebooks for Schools & Education

As the name suggests, Chromebooks are all about Chrome. These laptop PCs run on the Chrome operating system, an OS that’s focused around online applications and cloud storage. They don’t have a lot of hard drive space; they’re designed for people that want to store their files online. This is a brand new type of laptop that’s lightweight, thin, and extremely impressive.

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