Best Bluetooth Earbuds (under 50)


It is understandable if you believe that the best Bluetooth earbuds (under 50) are not as great as their wired counterparts (READ: best earbuds under 50 and best bass earbuds under 50).

This is because back in the day Bluetooth was not a great way to get the best music experience.

Luckily, things are different now.

Because of changes that were made to wireless transmission standards, like aptX and innovations in battery technology, Bluetooth earbuds are emerging as the most well-liked method of listening to music.

In fact, many of the best earbuds available are wireless.

There is now just one important question remaining: Which brands are the best when it comes to audio innovations and the best Bluetooth improvements overall?

RHA, Jabra, Nuforce, Jaybird and Plantronics are all solid options since they have committed lots of time and money into improving sound quality without sacrificing battery life. Google, Sony and Apple are great choices as well.

Continue reading if you would like to know our picks for the best wireless earbuds.



What is the Difference Between Wireless and True Wireless?


Wireless earbuds, which are the main topic here, have been in existence for quite some time, pretty much since Bluetooth was invented.

They are battery-operated and are not connected to your phone at all, but there is a cord connecting both buds. In some cases, there is even a band around the neck.

True wireless earbuds do not have any cords at all.

Wireless allows users to wear the earphones a few feet from their devices, but true wireless offers complete freedom since there are no cords at all.

If you are looking to be totally wireless, we have a list of the best true wireless headphones as well.



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